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My massage services in
North Shields

Lee Brunton Sports Massage Therapist will make you feel your best with a deep tissue or sports massage.

Feel relaxed and comfortable

Lee Brunton Sports Massage Therapist has the knowledge and experience to bring you sports or deep tissue massages in a relaxing environment, ensuring that you feel comfortable at every step of the way. I take pride in bringing you the best possible experience, and making sure that you feel better and can relax in a clean and calm environment. 

Sports massage
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Massages to help anyone

While you may think that sports massages are only for people who practice sports regularly, and they do benefit sportspersons, you’d be surprised by how much they can help with the everyday stiffness and pain of non athletes. They can even help with tension and strain from work and other repetitive activities.

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Sports massage

I can target my sports massage to specific muscles to help improve your range of motion, aches and pains and safely recover from any strain or injury.


Deep tissue massage

Alleviate pain and tension and feel more relaxed with a deep tissue massage. No matter the level of activity you do, it can improve your wellbeing.

Get in touch for your massage from Lee Brunton Sports Massage Therapist

To book your sports or deep tissue massage in North Shields, contact me and I'll be happy to help. 

3-4 Upper Norfolk Street
North Shields
NE30 1PT

07553 661974

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